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Databases - Our Sweet Spot

Yes Database development is where we like to be. It's satisfying and quite enjoyable to build useful business information functions into your software.

You Can Benefit Using Database Driven Business Information

This means your business information is available any time and anywhere to anyone you choose around the world, almost instantly after you add or revise it. This is a powerful business tool. Best part is with a well-designed admin tool/access page and some basic training, you can add to, delete, revise, and report this information without the need of a programmer or web person. You can view information in different time zones as you concurrently talk on the phone. Web based business info is amazing technology.

We've built a number of custom database driven sites using proven technologies and have developed a skill in understanding customer's needs and translating that to database programming and ease-of-use interfaces. You may need business reporting, sales tracking, product information, documentation delivery, special pricing, timed pricing, consistent information updated instantly or similar. We'd love to talk data needs with you. We take pride in getting a job done wel. We'll make the interface very intuitive to where technology takes a back seat and the business information you need becomes available from any computer you choose, whether laptop or hand held. Ask us for references.

We Use Only Proven and Compatible Technologies

You may talk with technically inclined people about how your site should be built and get a number of recommendations. There are a number of ways to build a site and all will get you functionality. We take things a few steps further. We only use proven technologies, not necessarily the latest. For example, CSS is proven for page layout and we use it. PhP gives pages lots of flexibility with shared files for easy maintenance and for database connections along with MySQL. We use PhP and MySQL. In fact, CSS, PhP and MySQL are so common, if you work with us and decide (sadly) to find another web firm, you'll find people who know these technologies and you can continue with your current site, rather than start from scratch (that's simply too expensive).

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