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Design, Develop, Manage

Designing Your Software

Design with Function in Mind

We learn how your customers will use your site information. Then we focus on how your information will be structured, called information architecture. We attend to ease of search and a logical flow of information. We'll design with the above in mind and lay this out in static pages for your review and approval, especially for the complex pages/decisions.

Web Technology We Use

The selection of technology we employ is balancing ease of building, ease of maintenance, flexibility when revising, licensing fees if any, availability of professionals who use it, and is it proven technology. We stay away from new this year, but possibly gone next. We build for the long term, unless you tell us otherwise.

Design for Maintenance Ease

The thinking here is to simplify and lower your cost for future revisions. We build using common files that contain repeated information (called cascading style sheets or CSS). We use CSS extensively so design changes can be quicker by revising one style sheet rather than every page; quite a powerful feature.

And Then, Database Driven Business Information

See the details on this page

More on Design, Where Do We Host?
Only Top-Tier Web Hosting - We Use Qualified Host Companies

Good news for you, we've never hosted client software at our location and never will. We are focused on software design, development and management exclusively. We know hosting is a different business skill that is performed quite efficiently by other businesses for a reasonable fee. We will configure a new hosting account for you (if needed) with a top-tier web hosting company (this means solid support and reliable up-time for your site), such as Datapipe, Server Concepts, Lunar Pages or other depending on the functionality you will require.

If you have a current web host, we don't recommend a host change unless it's necessary.  Every change has a cost in dollars and in time.  We don't change without a clear understanding of the gain on the other side. Let's discuss further.

We have on-going business relationships with many top-tier hosting businesses.  You'll pay your web host business directly and we do not earn any finder or other fees! It's a win-win for everyone.

Building Your Site

We Build with Your Priorities in Mind

As we refine the scope of your project, we'll understand your priorities for building and launching. You may require a different set of development steps and we'll customize our approach for your business needs.

Build With YourFeedback

Gryphon Web Design will apply years of web development experience to your web site project as you require. We have a team consisting of a project manager, graphics development, general and database programmers, all with years of web site development experience. If you request it, we can build it. Additionally, all of our development is performed mostly in California, with no off-shore development; we never have. Though dollars saved initially may be tempting, we've found developing locally brings jobs to our state, and also makes project management simpler and deliverables more predictable for our customers. And, during the occasional, fast-paced update, it's more productive to work in the same time-zone

We Use Only Proven and Compatible Technologies

You may talk with technically inclined people about how your site should be built and get a number of recommendations. There are a number of ways to build a site and all will get you functionality. We take things a few steps further. We only use proven technologies, not necessarily the latest. For example, CSS is proven for page layout and we use it. PhP gives pages lots of flexibility with shared files for easy maintenance and for database connections along with MySQL. We use PhP and MySQL. In fact, CSS, PhP and MySQL are so common, if you work with us and decide (sadly) to find another web firm, you'll find people who know these technologies and you can continue with your current site, rather than start from scratch (too expensive).

That brings us to Flash Compatibility and Why We Don't Use It.

Flash is amazing. And, Flash is very powerful. But Flash is not compatible with iPhones or iPads, arguably a large part of the screens your software will be viewed on. We don't develop in Flash. Apple computer has not made flash viewing possible on Apple portables (on Mac computers Flash works just fine); they have blocked it and web developers don't have control over this. So we use JavaScript programming and make our client sites viewable, or compatible, everywhere.

A Primer on Search Engine Optimizing or SEO

All businesses want their information found easily on the web, as you do.

A significant, but simple part, of high Google ranking is using words and phrases in your page content.  That simply means including words and phrases your prospects will type into the Google search box.  In the past, these words were behind the people-visible page in code, called key words.  In the past, keywords were visible to Google.  That's changed; keywords in code don't apply any more with Google search.  Again, you must write about your company with prospects in mind and use words/phrases they are looking for on the page; very important.

The second, high ranking tip, is making your pages friendly to Google search engine.  This means how your pages are built in HTML, PhP, etc., and applies especially to the index page.  The index page is usually the about page (or about your company).  Any barriers to the search engine function will be less than optimal.  This leads us to quick suggestion of what to avoid when page building.  Pages must be built in a way search engines expect and can read easily.  

Keep the above and these in mind when building pages:

  • Use no Flash technology on the index page
  • No splash page in most cases
  • No table structure for page layout
  • No excessive images on the index page

Best technology to date is PhP with CSS for a number of the above reasons.  Let's discuss if you're not familiar.

Pricing Your Project

Essentially when pricing, numerous pages, highly refined graphics, database connection and added functionality will increase the cost of developing or managing your site. Quoting on your precise need is always available to you. Contact us to discuss your software design, build or management requirements. Our pricing is competitive and we'll do our best to meet your budget.

View some of our client sample sites

Management as You Require

We Have Customers for Years

We don't leave you when your site build is complete. We have institutional knowledge of you, your company and your site and this makes revisions simpler and lower cost. We've been in business since 1996 and we've known some customers for over 10 years. We'll be here when you need us, we'll know your site and we'll be quickly effective for any revisions you require.

Revisions as Your Require, No Monthly Fee

Regardless of who designed your current business software, we can update the site as you require. You can count on more than 15 years of software management experience along with our graphics creativity, excellent programming skills, database expertise and information flow proficiency. If this sounds like a fit, contact us.

Here are some clients who have trusted us since 1996.

Look to Gryphon Web Design for:

  • Look to us as your one local contact for all your web building and management needs. You'll talk with one person about design, function and features rather than a mix of vendors.
  • We talk with you about the cost-effective use of proven web standards technology to minimize maintenance or to simplify adding modules at a later time.
  • We can be your technology pro and communicate with both your technical and management personnel.
  • We'll integrate activities of web development and mgmt. easily with your business staff.
  • By the way, most weeks, our process time for general maintenance items is two business days.

Contact us to discuss your software development & management.

Contact Gryphon Web Design at 650 494-2805 for an initial review of your software requirements and speak directly with Greg Bell about engaging us on your project.