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Gryphon Web Design

More about Greg M. Bell, Technical Project Manager:

  • Greg uses best practices in his program and project management roles, he meets deadlines and budget expectations..
  • He has an excellent working attitude, a proven track record, is a team player and creative thinker.
  • When required will work independently, manages his own workload and client priorities, and can manage complex schedules with basic client input.
  • He can creatively balance user/client needs with limits of technology and is willing to work with your internal product, marketing or other departments.
  • Has excellent communication skills, strong people management skills, can develop a staff and mentor a team or individual.
  • Greg is good at problem solving, feature identification, tool and platform selection and multiple project management.
  • He has worked as a front end development, web producer, web developer, web master. Other roles are user interface designer (UI/UX), usability designer (UI), user experience architect, internet applications or apps developer, data base warehousde dev, web strategist, digital e-commerce b to b developer and has coordinated quality assurance software testing.
  • Has worked in LAMP, MAMP, PhP, MySQL and content management systems CMS environments.
  • Greg has lived, has a family and worked in the Bay Area of California for many years.