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Gryphon Web Design

We Build "Apple Quality" Cloud Based, Content Management Systems (CMS).  Let Us Review Your Ideas.

The Cantabile software Was Built with Joomla Content Management System or CMS. Below are the Steps to Build a CMS software.

  • Use Your Existing Menu or Design a New Menu Structure
    Your menu is the key to your software structure. From 5 to 9 main menu buttons or words across the top or vertically should cover the needs of most software designs. Each of these main menu items can have drop downs up to about 10 items. Beyond 10 requires more work for the visitor to decipher and possibly get lost on your site; not desirable.
    Revising your menu structure can take some time is many people are involved in the input. We are experienced in working with a group to come to consensus.
  • Select a software Template or Design a Custom software
    If you have a specific look you have currently, a custom design is your direction. Otherwise, give Joomla templates a look. There are many for less than $100 that may serve you well and save custom build time and expense.
  • Determine Your software Permissions
    This allows access for different groups of people in your company to create new pages, revise pages, and publish.  Editing menu items is a permission that should have your marketing department's approval; its a higher level permission, in our opinion. 
    Permissions are the beginning of distributing your software update task among many people to increase efficiency and offload one or two content editors.
  • Get a Host Account if Needed
    Your current host may be fine or we can recommend a few we have worked with over the years and know their capabilities.  We may need to change to a content management host account.
  • Build the Site Structure
    This is our work to get the foundation in place, including:  main menu, sub menu, permissions, links, images, etc.
  • After Your Approval of the Structure, We Convert Your Existing Content
    We move everything that is relevant to appropriate locations according to the software menu design above and perform some light editing.  Your company is responsible to review each page for content accuracy.  We'll let you know what's needs to be writing by your company.
  • Add Any Content That May be Missing
    There is value in seeing how the site functions at this time. You may decide to move some content here or there. We expect this, because up to now, everything was a plan on paper.  Go for it.  We want your site to be what works for you.
  • Launch Your New software
    It's live on the server and you have a new software built on CMS.
  • Training Your People
    We'll show your people how to access their pages (remember permissions above), use the editing tool from any browser and revise their content.