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Gryphon Web Design

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Our Work Process

Here's What to Expect of Our Work Process,
Including the Steps to Build New Software or Revise an Existing Website:

  1. We Analyze and Plan You Software Project
    This first step includes your company software goals and priorities; your planned function of the site; importance of consistent visuals (keeping your company identity); roll-out phases (if needed); technology to use (PhP, CSS, MySQL database, etc); deliverable timeframes and with database building, possible homework for you (usually regarding how searches will be performed).
  2. We Produce a Quick Conceptual Static Design
    We put on screen what we see as your page layouts and function before we program. This step is time and money saving, especially with complex pages. Its much simpler and faster to revise simple graphics than to reworking programming, plus you get an early look at site concepts.
  3. Next We Rapid Prototype; We Encourage Early Feedback
    When we do begin programming in PhP or HTML, you will see your new pages as soon as possible (and see them continually) to be sure we are on track with your needs. We'll get functions working soon and aDD later.
  4. We Continually Keep You in theProgress Loop
    If you revise your page thinking or if something concerns us from our side, you'll know about it soon. We do all we can to respect your budget by having minimal surprises in the building process.
  5. Finally, with Your Approval, We Launch Your New Site
    After thorough testing for function and compatibility, we launch and you begin to gain productivity.  We'll check our calendar to have extra time available for possible tweaks needed during the first few weeks after launch.

Let us know if you can work with this process or how we may need to adjust.