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Duniway Stockroom Corp. has worked closely with Gryphon Web Design, Greg Bell, for more than 10 years. The relationship has been excellent, with close communications providing good performance during this period of rapid changes. Gryphon Web Design has worked with us to build and support an coordinated//integrated web-site and printed catalog. Also, in cooperation with Gryphon Web Design, the strong corporate image of the software has also been carried over to advertising and trade show booth design.

With our thousands of products undergoing continuous change, this challenging environment has been kept moving forward. Together, we have moved from panted catalog dominant to active web site dominated and now to on-line ordering dominated.

We look forward to many more years of cooperative transition with Gryphon Web Design.

Sherman Rutherford,
Duniway Stockroom Corp.

I also want to acknowledge what a find Greg Bell was. Patty did a good job helping us find Greg, as did Chris, who recommended him. We are very fortunate indeed.
- June

June Klein, VP Finance
Palo Alto University, formerly: PGSP (Pacific Graduate School of Psychology)

You’ve done a fine job so far!
I thought that this...

Robert Rieser, Director
Gronowski Mental Health Clinic

Nice work Greg- We have quite a few more edits to collect. Your way ahead of us!!!

Robert Rieser, Ph.D.

Hey Greg,
Wow! I love the new formatting for this page!!! You outdid yourself.
You are the best--

Christine, VP Communications
PGSP (Pacific Graduate School of Psychology)

Greg, "I like it! Nice upgraded look, highlights ISO 9001. Lets install it."

Kevin C. Kilgore, Sr. Marketing
Cupertino Electric, Inc.

Hi Greg!
"The following is a message from a friend of mine thought I would pass it on and see if you think it merits making any changes. Just wanted to let you know we have received a lot of positive comments about our software. I hope all is going well for you."

Sue Jordan
Palo Alto Commons

"Finally looked up your web sight.
Looks fabulous! I love the links, the soft colors of it all, the positive, caring, compassionate attitude that permeates the entire sight. The photos are a nice touch."
"The floor plans look great! Thank you. If you want you can e-mail the bill or send regular mail."

Sue Jordan
Palo Alto Commons


"I'll send a check today.
Wonderful value, Greg."

"Have a fabulous weekend."

Wendy J. Taylor & Associates

"Thanks again for all your time. I can only assume once this is up you will get many calls from our competitors for your assistance. Of the businesses we work with, we will be the first software up, but they are all working on it."

"Have a great weekend!"

Cindy Palazzo
John's Custom Floors, Inc.

"Our new software is exactly what we were trying to achieve. We appreciate the expertise in the many phases of the process -- graphic design, written text and logo design you brought to this project. Your knowledge and patience made this a positive, effective experience."

Cindy Paulazzo
John's Custom Floors, Inc.

"We like the look a lot… the avenue to pursue"

Steve Netter,
Petersen Precision

"Looks very good. I have no further comments to add except fire it up online.
I'll concentrate on some new and improved pictures."
Cheers Martin...
"Cheers and thanks for all your work. I'm very impressed."

Martin Hurst
Land Rock and Water
Landscape Construction